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Kissable Couture: Guest Blogger

Dedicated to “what’s in your closet and on your vanity,” Samantha Fodrowski’s blog, Closet Vanity, couldn’t be more perfectly suited to our interests. This week, the busy blogger is lending us her talents and musing on some of our favorite topics like the fashion-forward red lip and au naturel makeup.

1. Kate Spade supercalifragilipstick
2. Dolce and Gabbana lipstick
3. Charlotte Ronson lip gloss
4. Exude lipstick
5. Tom Ford lip color

Forget red-soled heels — these days it’s all about the red lip! Have you noticed that more couture brands have been springing up at the beauty counter lately? Two of the big names to debut makeup lines recently are Tom Ford and Dolce & Gabbana.

But it’s not just mega-brands that are getting into the beauty game, fashion-folk like Charlotte Ronson and Rachel Zoe have also started to dabble in cosmetics. If these trendsetters can dress us, then surely they have great ideas for how to best complete the look. Now, if only J. Crew would make their limited edition Poppy King lipstick a permanent fixture in their stores…

And be sure to check out our new favorite red lipstick from Beauty is Life!

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