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What Do Girl Scouts and Hipsters Have In Common?

Photo: Yahoo & WWD

As a Brooklynite, I’ve seen many a hipster girl wearing an ironic Girl Scout vest. Call me crazy, but I’ve always seen parallels between the two groups: the same love of camping, hawking baked goods, and donning outlandish costumes when it’s not Halloween. Now the thrift store crew and our favorite door-to-door cookie sellers have even more in common: what they’re wearing on their lips.

 The Girl Scouts just released five flavored Lip Smackers that taste and smell like their famous cookies: Thin Mints, Trefoils, Tagalongs, Do-si-dos, and Samoas. They’re available at Walmart or Claire’s for $5 a set, so there’s no need to wait until a bright-eyed Scout knocks on your door to fulfill your cookie craving.

Hot on their heels, the folks at American Apparel have announced that they plan to release their own lip gloss line in select stores this week. Colors include Legalize LA, a flashy red that references their support for immigrant workers, and the dubiously named Pantytime, an apricot-pink.          

Personally, I’m way more excited about the cookie-flavored Lip Smackers. Dov Charney, look out: the Girl Scouts are about to give you a run for your money.

— Mai 

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