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Obsession: reBloom

I have a friend whose boyfriend makes her warmed milk when she can’t sleep. When Jonathon Bunt’s fiance started suffering from chronic sleeplessness, he went ahead and invented the cure. Now that’s love. reBloom, Bunt’s creation, is a liquid sleep aid that combines proven ingredients like valerian, melatonin, and chamomile.

I’ve used valerian and melatonin on their own but they’ve never been that effective for me (and Tylenol PM knocks me out but gives me a woozy hangover). I was skeptical that reBloom would work for me until I came back from Greece wretchedly jetlagged and downed a bottle of reBloom before bed. I was asleep before you could say ‘Opa!’ Now I keep a stash in my apartment for times when I’m anxious, jetlagged, or just plain restless. Just one bottle keeps me snug in REM cycle-land all night.

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