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Go For Glitter This Halloween: Guest Blogger

Don’t let the name fool you. Jessica Chu’s Tumblr Of Vice and Men doesn’t have anything to do with hot male model eye candy — but it does cover in great detail the best kind of vice: lusting after pretty things. This week she’s sharing her expert eye with us and dishing on everything from the best winter skin savers to the YouTube beauty gurus you should be following.

1. Across the Universe 2. Ruby Red Slippers 3. Boom Boom Pow 4. Happy Birthday 5. Don’t Tell Mama

Since today is Halloween, I figured that the only successful Halloween-themed post I could attempt would be about nail polish. One of my favorite brands is Deborah Lippmann; anything she touches and makes into a polish color, I will buy. 

The two colors that I’ve been wearing recently are Daytripper and Between the Sheets, but today I am switching it up. Since I am not dressing up today (and everyone else at my office is) this will be the only time I can get away with a sparkly, bright, obnoxious color in all of my meetings. Just like with all polish, but especially with glittery kind, make sure to use a base and top coat to ensure healthy nails.

P.S.: If you don’t want to deal with waiting for your nails to dry, check out these Incoco Nail Polish Appliqué Strips. Birchbox even has an awesome how-to video on applying them!

Shop Deborah Lippmann on Birchbox here.

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