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Team Intros: Meet Nicole!

Rarely a day goes by without a Birchbox staffer uttering the words, “Nicole is amazing.” And she is. Really freaking amazing. From keeping our kitchen stocked with fresh fruit and almond milk to making sure we have recycling bins and dental insurance, she really is the cat’s pajamas. Case in point: Today she’s orchestrated an early Halloween party complete with kegerator, costume parade, and lots of candy. We’d be lost without her.

Nicole Fealey, Office Manager

Hometown: Currently live with my husband and daughter in Astoria, NY (NYC’s “left bank”) but grew up in Coeymans Hollow, New York USA! Points for anyone that can find it on the map without using Google.

Unofficial title: Captain Amazing

Fun fact: My husband and I love animated comedy TV (We DVR South Park, Family Guy, Simpsons & Archer) and dream of writing for those shows some day. Having a child of our own only makes them funnier.

Beauty confession: I have been growing out my eyebrows for over six years after some serious over-plucking in college. They might be back to normal by 2018. When I walk into a salon to have them done, they just shake their heads.

Currently loving: Aveda’s renewing lip treatment. The change of weather is wreaking havoc with my lips and this really helps to heal them.

Serious fragrance splurge: Clive Christian 1872 for Women. It will be the first thing I buy when I win the lottery. I ration the little bottle I was gifted for important events!

Best beauty trick: No tricks up my sleeve at all! Seriously, if I had a beauty column, I would have to beg Mark Bittman to let me call it “The Minimalist.” I am glad I have the Birchbox team to teach me everything they know.

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