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Bathtime Challenge: Face Time

We don’t have much time for lounging in the tub, and we’re betting that you don’t either. But there’s something to be said for stopping to smell the bath salts. Which is why we sampled AHAVA’s bath salts in some of this month’s Birchbox deliveries — just a gentle reminder to take the time to relax! To get you excited, we’re bringing back the Bathtime Challenge, this spring’s five-part series all about soaking and scrubbing. Today, we’re testing out the at-home facial.

Last night, The Bathtime Challenge actually took me out of the bath. We always hear about how great bath salts are for the skin, but that usually means our arms and legs. What about using bath salts as a skincare remedy for your face? Odd or beneficial?

I put this question to the test by drawing what’s called a facial bath. Essentially it’s a bath, but in your sink. Using very warm to hot water, I filled my sink and poured a cap full of the AHAVA Bath Salts into the pool. I then took a clean wash cloth and soaked it in the facial bath for two minutes, giving it ample time to really absorb the salty water. Finally, I rung out the wash cloth (be careful, this can be very hot) and pressed it against my skin. Taking deep breaths in, I continued to press the cloth against my skin and avoided any type of rubbing. 

You might find this method a little offbeat, but the results are truly fantastic. Not only does this help you relax (the aromatic salts have a calming effect), but my skin immediately looked more glowy and fresh. I’m telling everyone I know to incorporate this bath-salt-facial compress into his/her nightly skincare routine a couple times a week, especially if they’re looking to relieve themselves of any all-around stress.


Our favorite AHAVA bath salts are the Mandarin-Cedarwood variety, which you can buy in the Birchbox Shop

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