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Bringing Back the Bathtime Challenge

We don’t have much time for lounging in the tub, and we’re betting that you don’t either. But there’s something to be said for stopping to smell the bath salts. Which is why we sampled AHAVA’s bath salts in some of this month’s Birchbox deliveries — just a gentle reminder to take the time to relax! To get you excited, we’re bringing back the Bathtime Challenge, this spring’s five-part series all about soaking and scrubbing. Read on for part one.

AHAVA Revival Bath Salt in Juniper, $22,

Sure, most people take showers. But for me, soaking in the tub is the norm and a part of my everyday routine. My habit of taking baths is a true case of monkey see, monkey do: It was my mother’s method for getting clean, as well as my older sister’s, so it was inevitable that I would follow suit.

Given that I’ve taken a lot of baths in my time, and I’m starting to wonder if there’s a way to get a little more out of this ritual. Working at Birchbox, I have plenty of great products at my fingertips— I’m going to take advantage of our newly added AHAVA’s signature bath salts to shake things up. This post marks the beginning of the Bath Time Challenge. Everyday this week I will be testing out either a different type of AHAVA Bath Salt or a non-traditional bath salt application to get more out of what has become a mundane event. Will I be more zen by the end of the week? Check back everyday to find out!


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