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Member Post: Upcycling Birchboxes

A few months ago, we asked all you Birchboxers what you do with your old boxes after you’ve emptied them. Unsurprisingly, you have some pretty creative ideas. This month, we were super excited to see an email from Birchboxer Annie Takeoka who has been a member since March and has endless ideas about ways to use them. Keep reading for all of her suggestions and then click through to her blog for more DIY ideas.

Use #1:
I recently got married and had so many thank you cards to make and write.  I recycled a Birchbox and used it to carry all my supplies to and from work everyday.  During my breaks, I pulled out the box and worked on the cards.  Having everything in one small, CUTE box made it so easy! 

Use #2:
I know a lot of people use the boxes to store makeup and I’m no exception.  A few months back I made a makeup vanity and used plastic trays to organize my makeup.  Now that I have a few Birchboxes, they fit perfectly in the slots :)

Use #3:
I use a box for my workplace makeup kit, which includes the bare essentials for those mornings you rush out of the house and later realize you forgot to apply blush or mascara.  It also comes in handy when I need to darken my eyeliner and eyeshadow for an impromptu dinner date with my hubby after work. 

Use #4:
To organize some of my earrings and necklaces.

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