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Why You Should Pick Your Own Scent

Photo: Alamy via Telegraph.

I hoard my signature rose scent the way other women hoard their stilettos. There’s a half-used bottle on my nightstand, an unopened bottle in my bathroom cabinet, a jar of body lotion in my drawer, and a roll-on mini tube in my purse. If they ever stop making my favorite fragrance, I’ll be well-stocked for years to come. Drop me into a department store fragrance aisle, and I’ll turn my nose up at every strange eau de parfum I sniff. Turns out there’s a reason I’m so fond of my scent above all others. According to a study by a Czech anthropologist, women intuitively select fragrances to enhance (not mask) their own body odors. 

A group of twelve volunteers spritzed a perfume of their own choosing into one armpit and a randomly chosen perfume into the other. Now get ready for the slightly gross part: researchers swabbed both armpits and asked a panel of 21 women to judge the samples. Across the board, the judges found the fragrances women chose for themselves more pleasant and attractive.

This makes sense: since each fragrance reacts to an individual’s body chemistry differently, only you know which scent smells best on you. Now you have every reason to stock up on your favorite perfume!


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