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Rachel Zoe Can’t Be Without Red Lipstick, Even To Deliver Her Baby

Before addressing what goes on in the video below from the most recent episode of The Rachel Zoe Project, let me state for the record that I am a huge Zoe fan. She’s a genius stylist, I love her enthusiasm for all things fashion, and she has an incredible work ethic. That said, there is a reason she makes for an excellent reality TV subject: she says completely, totally, outrageously ridiculous things.

A recent example of Zoe’s mind-boggling irrationality — which you can witness in its full, totally bonkers glory in this clip — is when she’s talking to her makeup artist, Joey, about giving birth. She says, and I quote: “You have to do my makeup for the hospital.”

What?!? Joey’s response is pretty priceless, whereas mine would have been more like, “Um, are you for real?” Of course, Zoe is very much for real, and — this should come as no surprise (but still, it does) — wants to wear a red lip for the occasion. I mean, I don’t even reapply my lip color after lunch, let alone if I were in labor. But as baffling and eyebrow-raising as this comment was, that’s part of why I like her and why I keep watching. Her absurdity has me hooked.


While we love a classic red, we’re obsessing over deeper berry hues this season.

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