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Lemme Upgrade Ya (Part 3): You’ve Got Male

Once a week, Birchbox’s resident yoga and men’s product expert, Eric, will gives us girls some insight into his world in You’ve Got Male. Whether he’s giving his expertise on skincare (boys need advice, too!) or highlighting his new favorite grooming trend, this guy has got taste—so we’re lucky he’s on staff and willing to share.

For the last two weeks, I have been offering up ways to upgrade your routine step by step. The first installment was all about nail clippers, last week I touched on the importance of a good cleanser, and today I’m discussing deodorant. 

Step 3: The Deodorant

It’s important for a man to smell like a man. I think that many of us have a hard time getting away from that classic Speed Stick or Old Spice. However, these scents and formulas are out of date. Also, we don’t want to be an army of male-bots all smelling exactly the same. So explore the reactions you get to a different scent, not to mention a formula with better ingredients. I suggest trying Pitt Boss Antiperspirant and Deodorant by Jack Black.

A general complaint with high-end deodorants is that they don’t last as long or provide as much wetness protection as the drugstore brands. Not the case here. This formula packs a lot of punch in both of those areas, but it is soothing and won’t irritate skin — a major gripe when it comes to many formulas. Plus, it smells fresh and masculine, so don’t be afraid!

In order to smell really great though, you first need to use a good body wash.

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