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Hot Rollers: Guest Blogger

Blame it on the West Wing, but for a short period of time we were convinced we wanted to be White House staffers. That whim has long past, but we’re still excited to welcome this week’s blogger, Belle of Capitol Hill Style. The DC-based blogger is out to dispel the myth that you can’t be a serious Capitol Hill staffer and also love fashion. We love her sharp, funny style observations and practical advice (to wit: three ways to wear this season’s cropped sweater). All week, she’ll be sharing her best beauty advice.

I pride myself on being able to get ready for any occasion in under an hour, and my daily routine is even shorter. Each morning, I shower, dress, style my hair, and apply makeup in less than 45 minutes. The secret? Hot rollers.

Curling or straightening your hair takes time. The perfect blow dry is difficult to master and labor intensive.  But rollers take just minutes and free up your hands to do other things.

When I get up in the morning, I plug in my rollers before I step into the shower. That way, they’re already hot by the time I get out. A quick rough dry with a paddle brush to remove the moisture from my hair, and I’m ready to roll.  

After years of practice, it takes just eight minutes to roll my entire head. I separate my hair into two-inch sections as I go, wrapping each section around the roller before pinning it in place. If I want a lot of curl, I roll the hair vertically to achieve a slight spiral. But most days, I just want the volume and shape of a perfect blowout without the round brush-induced carpal tunnel, so I simply roll the hair under.

The great thing about rollers is that they free you up to do other things. While my hair styles itself, I apply my makeup, eat my breakfast, iron my clothes, and make my bed. After 15-20 minutes, I remove the rollers, spritz my hair spray, and I’m ready to go. Perfectly styled hair with minimal effort.

If you want to give hot rollers a try, you first need to decide what size curl you want. For everyday, I recommend a roller in jumbo or super jumbo size. This will give you volume, shine and the same amount of curl you get with a great blowout. It’s the perfect polished work look.

As for brands, I’ve been using the Conair hair setters for more than a decade, and I love their Tourmaline Ceramic Flocked Jumbo Rollers. The ends are cool to the touch, so you won’t burn yourself. And unlike Velcro rollers, which can tear up your hair with their teeth, these rollers won’t ravage your ends.

If you’d prefer a more au naturel look, check out our story on heat-free hair.

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