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Faking a Good Night’s Sleep: Guest Blogger

Blame it on the West Wing, but for a short period of time we were convinced we wanted to be White House staffers. That whim has long past, but we’re still excited to welcome this week’s blogger, Belle of Capitol Hill Style. The DC-based blogger is out to dispel the myth that you can’t be a serious Capitol Hill staffer and also love fashion. We love her sharp, funny style observations and practical advice (to wit: three ways to wear this season’s cropped sweater). This week, she’ll be sharing her best beauty tips, starting with a very relevant topic: How to look awake.

Working on Capitol Hill, sleep is a luxury that many staffers, lobbyists, and politicos cannot often afford. But if you know what you’re doing, you can fake a good night’s sleep with a few good products and a bit of sly trickery. Here’s how to look well rested, even when you’re clinging to caffeine for dear life.

Conceal: A total miracle product, Benefit Erase Paste banishes even the darkest under-eye circles. To apply, warm a bit of the product on the back of your hand and then, using a small concealer brush, dot it onto the dark spots. Many women make the mistake of applying concealer to the entire under eye area but it only needs to be applied to the areas that are dark.

Once you have dotted on the concealer, use your ring finger to gently blend it. Your ring finger is the weakest of all of your fingers, so you won’t damage the delicate tissues under your eye. Remember to dab, not wipe, which will ensure even coverage. Set with a dusting of powder.

Lift: Need a mini-eye lift? Skip the plastic surgeon, and try ybf Automatic Universal Taupe Eyebrow Pencil. The key to lifting the brow is defining the arches. If your brows are a bit sparse from over-plucking or a bit flat from a lack of plucking, this pencil can help you fill in and emphasize your brow’s shape. And even if you don’t have a perfectly shaped arch, just filling in the brow will emphasize the eye and frame the face. When filling in brows use light, feathery strokes. 

Highlight: Concealing under-eye darkness is just the first step; to really look awake, you need to highlight the rest of the eye as well. This will make your eyes look lighter and brighter.

I recently started using the Anastasia Brow Duality pencil in sand, and I love it. I dot a bit of the shimmer into the inner corner of my eye, near the tear duct. I also use the pencil to line my bottom lashes and highlight the brow bone. This gives me a wider, more awake look.

Line and Define: Last, but certainly not least, eye liner is critical to faking the well-rested look. A liquid liner like Stila’s Stay All Day Waterproof liquid liner gives you the perfect thin, dark line.

Personally, I apply liner only to my upper lash line. I find that applying liner and mascara just to the upper lashes focuses attention away from any lingering under-eye darkness. And if you wing the liner up and out a bit at the ends, it instantly lifts even the droopiest lids.

For more tips on perking up droopy eyes, watch our video on how to look wide-awake.

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