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Halloween Inspiration with FAUX: Black Swan

FAUX is hands down our go-to resource for false lashes for any occasion. Their lashes range from first date wearable to costume party ready…which is perfect since we’ve yet to nail down a Halloween costume. Luckily, the lovely ladies from FAUX — founder Sterling, COO Miranda, and chief of marketing and PR Alexia — have some fabulous costume ideas. We’ll be featuring a costume a week for the next three weeks PLUS the steps needed to achieve the look. First up: one of this Halloween’s most in demand costumes. Get your tutus ready…it’s Black Swan.

According to the ladies of FAUX, this extreme look “takes a bit of artistic expression, and works best with long wear or waterproof make up formulas.”

Read on for step by step instructions!

Step 1: Ghostly white skin

Depending on your skill level, you can either use white pancake makeup or the lightest shade of liquid foundation you can find. The liquid texture is a bit easier to work with. Make sure to set either with a light translucent power.

Step 2: Eye mask

To create the outline of the mask, you can either freehand draw the edges or use a bit of scotch tape to mask off the shape you want for a more precise line. Use a thin eyeliner brush with a black cream liner to define the edges of the mask and then, with a wider synthetic brush or sponge, use the same cream liner to completely fill in your mask, covering the eye lid and under eye completely.

Step 3: Eyes

Take a light silver cream liner and highlight the inner corners of the eye as well as sweep a sheer coat across both eyelids. With the same silver liner, use a small firm eyeliner brush to create a grid of dashes along both temples, extending into the hairline. Alternately fill in each silver dash with metallic teal blue and dark purple powder eye shadows. Cover the eyelid with the same dark purple shadow. We like Stila Eyeshadow in Cha Cha and Dahlia.

Step 4: Lashes

Curl your natural lashes and apply a thick coat of black mascara to top and bottom lashes. Add FAUX’s Black Feather lashes to complete the transformation.

Step 5: Cheekbones

Using a chiseled blush brush contour the hollow of the cheeks with a light grey eye shadow.

Step 6: Lips

Fill in the lips completely with a dark burgundy lip pencil and add a matching matte lipstick to seal in the color. 

Optional: Add red contact lenses for the most intense look.

Check back next Friday for the next installment of Halloween Inspiration with FAUX.

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