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Lemme Upgrade Ya (Part 1): You’ve Got Male

Change can be scary. I get that. I think many guys feel intimidated when it comes to overhauling their regular routine — and with good reason. When we have habits that we’ve lived with for years, the idea of a ‘makeover’ is terrifying. Too much change all at once! So, I have decided to take a step-by-step approach to upgrading and will be dedicating the next few weeks to offering small but impactful ways in which guys can step up their grooming game.

Step 1: The Nail Clipper

I have spoken about the importance of hand care here before and you need clippers, files, and scissors that are high enough in quality that they won’t damage your nail beds, cuticles, or skin. (Read: get rid of those inexpensive nail clippers from the drugstore!) Personally, I love the Japonesque Manicure Set. It contains all the tools you need for nail care and it will probably introduce you to some that you didn’t even know you needed. When it comes to quality, Japonesque leads the pack, so you’ll be in good hands (pun intended). Plus, the outer case is sleek and black and makes a classy addition to your medicine cabinet.

Dry hands are unhappy hands. Give them the moisture they deserve with Ahava’s Mineral Hand Cream.

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