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Create A Magnetic Makeup Board: Guest Blogger

From the moment we came across Liz Marie’s blog, we knew she was a DIY genius. From organization inspiration to turning old objects into new treasures, Liz Marie has a knack for making anything and everything beautiful. This week, the super-crafty North Carolina resident is guest blogging for us and revealing some tricks of her trade.

It’s not so easy to get ready in the morning when all of your favorite makeup is in a cluttered mess. To keep products organized and easily accessible, my solution is a magnetic makeup board.

To create my super-cool storage system, I went to my local hardware store and found a metal sheet. Then, to spruce it up, I simply coated it in a layer of light blue paint and bought an ornate gold frame. Not only is my organizer very pretty, but it has turned my makeup into art!

To make all of my products stick, I attached a tiny magnet to the back of each using hot glue. You can hang your board anywhere, but I chose to to display mine in my bathroom. It sits right next to my vanity and not only does it speed up my morning routine, but it also keeps my bathroom tidy.

Click here to read Liz Marie’s post from yesterday about upcycling your old Birchboxes.

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