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Leggings that Actually Make Your Butt Look Good

Except for an ill-advised period when I thought American Apparel leggings, long sweaters, and wedges were the cat’s meow, I’ve never been a leggings girl. My issues with them: they’re not flattering, they’re usually see-through, and the waist band hurts my tummy (not to mention it creates the inevitable skin pooch). I’m constantly telling my little sister, a long-time fan, “Leggings are not pants.” Her cheeky response? “Well, duuuuh. They’re leggings!”

But I digress. The point is that I may have come over to the Lycra side. I recently discovered a pair of leggings that I’ll actually wear — as pants. Spanx’s Look-at-Me Cotton Leggings are made of thick, completely opaque matte black cotton (no shiny finish, thankfully) and designed to lift your butt, slim your legs, and just generally make you look awesome. In fact, I’m wearing them today. 


Pair your laidback leggings with a statement lip or another one of fall’s best beauty trends.

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