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Birchbox Crush: Salma Hayek is Anti-Peel


Salma Hayek has quite a list of accomplishments. Besides her numerous starring roles, the 46-year-old star is also a mom and the founder of Nuance, a new cosmetic line based on her grandmother’s recipes. (She also happens to have the most gorgeous skin we’ve ever seen—here’s hoping we look half as good when we’re her age!)

We interviewed Salma in this month’s issue of the Birchbox Magazine, and here’s what she had to say about her counterintuitive approach to anti-aging: 

I don’t believe in peels. A lot of people were doing peels starting years ago. Yes, in the moment they look fantastic. Now they don’t. Now I look better. Do not do things that make your skin thin out. Because if you inject it or pull it, you will look old. I also don’t do microdermabrasion. None of that.

Read the rest of the interview here. 


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How to Make a DIY Fresh Flower Crown


From weddings to music festivals, flower crowns are everywhere these days. They’re the ultimate spring accessory and make even the rainiest of days that much brighter. Best of all, they’re totally easy to make yourself.

I do have to admit that before this project, I’d never actually made a flower crown before. But with plenty of them floating around on Tumblr and Pinterest, I’d gotten enough of an idea to be able to craft this one from scratch. So I know you can do it too!


Here are the items you’ll need to make your own flower crown:

  • 4–5 different fresh flowers, greens, etc.
  • Heavy gauge floral wire
  • Green floral tape
  • Scissors or wire cutters

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Lipstick as a Blush, a $4,200 bottle of Chanel No. 5, and Mor
Learn how to use lipstick as a cream blush with this easy how-to guide. [The Beauty Department]
Would you pay $4,200 for a bottle of Chanel No. 5? [Style Elite]

Urban Outfitters joins the glow-in-the-dark nail polish club. [SheFinds]

Learn how to combat bad skin as a result of going vegan with these tips. [Q] 
Could bronze be the new “it” nail polish color? Click through to check out how these celebs are rocking the trend. [Glamour]
Marc Jacobs is teaming up with Krink to create a rainbow colored collection of “marc-ers." [Refinery29]
See what Birchboxers from all around the world did this past week in Instagrams.

(Photo: The Beauty Department)

Lipstick as a Blush, a $4,200 bottle of Chanel No. 5, and Mor

Stocking Up On Summer Staples At Joie

We’re totally obsessed with Joie clothing. The SoCal-based Parisian-inspired label epitomizes the phrase effortlessly chic, which is exactly how we want to dress—especially in the summer. We’re thrilled that we’re now carrying the brand’s delightful-smelling perfume and hand cream, and in honor of their debut in our Shop, we threw a small shopping soiree at Joie’s Soho boutique for our local customers. Guests were treated to macarons, champagne, and best of all, a 20 percent off discount. We even hosted an Instagram contest and the very lucky @kt_hilton scored a $500 Joie gift card, plus the luxe fragrance and hand cream! Scroll through to see her winning look and for even more fun photos from the evening. 

1. @kt_hiltonAnd on Wednesdays we drink prosecco and shop for blue ikat pants @beachy_chic #shopjoie @birchbox @joie_clothing

2. @laurenshiaYummy #macarons and prosecco #shopjoie

3. @heyheyykellayJoie Summer Style #shopjoie @joie_clothing

4. @cautiouslyoptimisticHaving a fabulous time with @birchbox at the @joie_clothing event! #ShopJoie

5. @kasey_ma: Gorgeous @joie_clothing gown #shopjoie in collab w. @birchbox

6. @meowjenniferGetting pretty at the #birchbox event at #joie

7. Our very own @sistatistaFun times with sleachy meachy at the #Shopjoie birchbox event. Those are some good lookin pants!

8. @jessicashiaLoving this bracelet! How pretty & summery is it? #shopjoie

9. @rachacrawfordSalut summer! Allison’s ready for wedding season! #shopjoie @birchbox @joie_clothing


Here’s how to match your summer outfit to your scent!

May Beauty Launches: Miss Jessie’s, Coola, MAC, YSL, and more


Before Pinterest and Birchbox favorites came along, our lists of must-try beauty products were comprised of torn up magazines and scraps of paper we scribbled on when checking out the makeup counter. Luckily, technology has improved and so have our wishlists. 

This month, we’ve tracked down the latest beauty must-haves from our favorite brands and have taken note. From RiRi-inspired lipstick to tie-dye polish, May is full of new products that we can’t wait to get our hands on.

Check out the brand new May beauty launches and get inspired.

- Bre

In honor of this month’s theme, we asked our co-founders to share how they stay fresh and polished under pressure

The 6 Most Stylish Coming-of-Age Protagonists


While we were growing up, there were a few places that we learned about style: our mothers, magazines, and of course—classic coming-of-age movies. Actors in iconic roles always seem to have a certain look that never gets old. Case in point: when you think of James Dean, isn’t he always wearing the white shirt and red jacket combo from Rebel Without a Cause? So many guys (and girls) that we know were inspired by Dean’s outfit and embraced that white t-shirt and leather jacket signature style long after their teenage years ended.

In honor of all that youthful inspiration, the gents over at Birchbox Man have compiled a decade-by-decade roundup of six handsome movie characters who taught them how to dress. Click through for some serious eye candy (and perhaps some wardrobe ideas for the guys in your life)!


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How To Colorblock Your Beauty: Guest Blogger

We first became enamored with Annie Dean earlier this year after stumbling across her site Combining tips for entertaining and etiquette, this modern day Miss Manners proves that you can juggle a hectic lifestyle (did we mention she’s a lawyer?) and still be ultrachic. This week she’s sharing her five easy tricks to make spring a little more fabulous. 


I’m addicted to colorblocking. It’s easy, chic, and lighthearted, and it’s the springtime antidote to the all-black outfits we New Yorkers wear from September to March. But if the idea of dressing in contrasting colors from head-to-toe feels like too much, colorblock with your nails and your lipstick instead.

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Around the World in Birchbox Instagrams: Cupcakes, Spanish Treats, and More

Even when we can’t hop across the pond, our Birchbox counterparts in Europe keep us in the know with insider deets on the coolest goings-on. (Case in point: French pharmacy skincare must-haves). Every week, we’ll be sharing our favorite Instagrams from each of the four Birchbox teams so that you can travel the world without getting on a plane.


The London team indulged in some delicious cupcakes from Lola’s Bakery for a Friday treat. Yum!

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Kate Upton Covers Vogue, Benefit’s Surprise Makeovers, and More
Perhaps in a ploy to get more male readers, Kate Upton graces the cover of Vogue for June. [Huffington Post]
Nikki Reed partners with 7 For All Mankind on a jewelry line. [SheFinds]
Lipstick Queen’s new Endless Summer collection has the editors over at Beauty High drooling. [Beauty High]
Jennifer Aniston gets on camera for Living Proof to talk candidly about “The Rachel” cut with the hairstylist that made her coif so famous. [Living Proof]
One woman tried Gwyneth Paltrow’s strict diet for 10 days and did not cut corners. Here’s how she fared. [The Cut]
Looks like Seth Meyers will take over Late Night when Jimmy Fallon moves over to host the Tonight Show. [New York Times]
Refinery29 test drives YSL’s new Tie & Dye nail polish topcoat. [Refinery29]
Benefit lures unsuspecting U.K. residents in to surprise makeovers with a pink ringing telephone booth. And then has them perform karaoke in front of a live audience! [YouTube]
Get perfectly soft curls with this how-to hairstyle tutorial and Miss Jessie’s Jelly Soft Curls.

(Photo: Vogue)

Kate Upton Covers Vogue, Benefit’s Surprise Makeovers, and More


(Photo: Vogue)

If We Hit Our Weekend YouTube Subscriber Goal, Our Editors Will Go Where No Beauty Editors Have Gone Before

We need your help! This weekend we’re aiming to get 500 new YouTube subscribers—and if we hit that number by Monday, our editors will wear a (realistic-looking!) beard and mustache all day. And we don’t just mean at their desks—they’ll be bearded and mustachioed to get lunch, grab coffee, attend meetings, and more.

Help us hit our goal by going to the Birchbox YouTube channel and hitting Subscribe. You’ll find makeup and hair tutorials and skincare advice from our editors, plus videos featuring some of the best experts in the industry. Plus, you’ll have the chance to let us know what videos you want to see!